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Meet Danielle Slater

Coaching clients to discover limiting beliefs and inspiring them to move from where they are to where they want to be is my passion.

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Many times with just a few questions we can start to unlock the root of our suffering and the tools for change.

Our management team left energized and the office was a buzz. Thank you for bringing a deeper understanding...”

Brett H. , Culture & Safety Manager

“...Danielle,... is masterful at guiding us towards new beginnings.. .   Her compassion and energy are without bounds, motivating those around her to do more and seek our highest selves…”

Cindy H.

Executive Director of Windows to My Soul

“...she got me to see things differently and I’m cured of a lifelong fear ...”

Bill P. , VP, ITC Service Group


What Clients Are Saying


is not only possible,

it's already within you.

Key Features



The Work of

Byron Katie


In various businesses and as a results coach, it is my daily passion to share The Work and it is a privilege to support anyone in this bold and radical practice of questioning our thoughts. 





Your lived experiences make you who you are, but the effects of trauma can be holding you back. Brainspotting is an evidence-based treatment that stimulated deep processing, integrating and healing activity in the brain. 

Personal & Professional Development 


Mind Raised Coaching allows clients the opportunity to navigate life's many challenges with an experienced facilitator. If you feel that there is something holding you back from meeting your objectives, we will work together to identify, address and move past your perceived self-limitations. 

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