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Frequently asked questions

We all have a gap between where we are and where we want to be whether it’s in business, relationships, aspirations, missions, experiences or dreams. Closing that gap requires growth. Manifesting is a given , a way of life - it happens whether conscious of it or not, sometimes as a benefit and sometimes as a lesson. Coaching helps manifesting become a deliberate practice. It is said that, two or more people focusing on an intent is incredibly powerful, my clients would eagerly agree with that.

Why do people seek a facilitator or coach in their lives?

With passion and appreciation of The Work of Byron Katie,  leading edge trainings and experience, together we quickly discover and customize multiple ways to support you in overcoming anything that has held you back in the past. You’ll realize and step into your heart’s desire and move from the “it would be nice to...” thoughts to “what will be amazing is...” confidence and a track record in all areas of your life!
We get absolute clarity of intention, reinforce the practice calling on demand any elevated emotion such as Joy, gratitude, excitement, determination, and feelings of accomplishment, progress and momentum.
Each week we are laser focused on getting you CLARITY – the key to manifest, Calling up or calling back your ENERGY to move towards it, And clear ACTION steps that you will be juiced about celebrating its manifestation each week!

What sets you apart?

There are no “average “sessions. After we briefly enjoy your progress in the weekly “Coaching Momentum Form”.  We track and travel with mind’s focus as you declare what is most important for you as we target roadblocks and together we “look under the hood” of unresourceful beliefs and strengthen the meanings that resource and serve you in your future life. Like all my successful clients, you will soon look forward to pinpointing any area in your internal world that you can liberate so that your external results align with who you really are and who you are continually becoming.

What is a session like?

Each session builds on the momentum of the prior session; powerful beginning patterns, discovery, breakthroughs and clarity for the majority of the call, and a finish that ignites the next clear step towards your goal. The sessions quickly becomes a safe and often playful space to move through inquiry that will fuel your momentum and liberate you from obstacles the mind puts in place to keep you static (and in the illusion of safe and certain).

Why do you need more than one session?

• Upcoming big presentation or performance
• Major decision coming up in areas of business, relationship etc.
• The thought that keeps looping and draining vital energy from other areas of life
• Tapping into the juice again because of a temporary loss of focus because of the “daily‘s” and “to do‘s”
• A quick reminder of their power, past power habits and personal formulas of success
• Hit a ceiling or threshold (hint... fantastic sign of growth and rewards soon!)
• Call re-start or do over after a “sprint” in life
• Power of encouragement or a muse to inspire clarity and energy
• Safe place to process or digest thoughts and realign with purpose

What things do you typically work on with clients?

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