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Finally, a Collaboration That Moves You Forward

Certified Facilitator

The Work of Byron Katie allows clients the opportunity to navigate life's many challenges with an experienced facilitator. If you feel that there is something holding you back from meeting your objectives, we will work together to identify, address and move past your perceived self-limitations. Your best life is not only possible, it's already within you.

Personal and Professional Development

Results driven coaching brings intentional thoughts into action, by shining a light on what already exists within you. Utilizing our own innate power to rewire and refire new habits on your path to success. 


Your lived experiences make you who you are, but the effects of painful past moments can be holding you back. Brainspotting, founded by Dr. David Grand, is an evidence-based treatment that stimulates deep processing, integrating and healing activity in the brain. 

Release unresourceful emotions

and limiting beliefs

Unresourceful (commonly referred to as "negative") emotions are like markers on our path that we are mining. That is the goal and tells us the antidote. What you desire in your states of being are what you create in life. It is a practice that can be learned and tapped into at any time.

Reach your potential

Clarity equals progress. Every step whether small or bold, builds confidence. Getting clear on your next step or bold move, helps to propel you towards transformation. Meet your outcomes and transform your life.

Meet Danielle

Coaching clients to discover limiting beliefs and inspiring them to move from where they are to where they want to be is my passion.

From early childhood I was searching for a different way to be in the world. Inspired by many teachers and various methods, I experienced my life improving both externally and internally.  I was introduced to a more compelling and fulfilling way to be in the world. Now, with so many tools available to me, my dream has been realized; to serve clients as a facilitator and coach!

Professional experience in the organic foods and natural health industries, real estate and vineyard operation combined with volunteer experience serving on the board in trauma-based equine therapy have given me a rich base to be creative with a myriad of ways to achieve client outcomes. Watching my clients’ transformations fills me with gratitude for the privilege to serve.

I live in northern California and am originally from the Bay Area. I love spending time with loved ones, outdoors (especially at the ocean) with my horses and dogs and traveling. I’m also an avid reader who enjoys my local and global community.

Danielle Slater

Founder of MindRaised

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